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Inventory Report – shows all materials used since last time cleared, and on-hand quantities.
Click pictures/titles to view full report.

Deliveries Report – for a range of dates, shows all deliveries with weight, supplier and driver.

Material Usage Report - shows usage of each material since last time cleared.


Production Report - for a range of dates and times, can be sorted by formula or batch number for ready mix plants or user station or mixer in precast plants.

Batch Report - for a range of dates, a single selected batch or continuous printout, shows ingredient weights, weight deviation, water added and total water in batch plus water/cement ratio

All report and database information can be cut and pasted into other Microsoft Windows applications such as Word and Excel

STI (Service and Training by Internet)

BatchLink's reliability is excellent.  This is not where we stop, however.  Our customers tell us - loud and clear - when they do have a problem.  In order to solve problems quickly and efficiently we have called upon the latest Internet technology.  Through your company network and its Internet connection, or even through a phone connection to the Internet, we can access your system and monitor its progress to pinpoint faults.  Even if the faults are caused by mechanical problems in the plant (90% of all faults are), we can see the resulting holdup and guide the operator to a successful outcome, anywhere in the world.

Our engineers can monitor or control the PC computer running BatchLink software, drilling down through levels of menus to check setup data, correct it and, most important, train personnel to understand the processes.  Together with a speaker phone, training sessions for groups can be conducted almost as easily as our trainer being on site.  The cost saving and convenience is obvious.  Scale-Tron is pioneering this technology to make your experience the best possible.