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planetary countercurrent concrete mixer Ocmer SF The Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer produces high quality concrete at high speed with outstanding reliability;  its body is wider than most, ensuring that its multi-star planetary mixing action gives the fastest and most complete mixing of full size batches with no dead zones.  Its motor is more powerful than most too, making easy work of high-density mixes.  Large, fully sealing discharge doors and scooped paddles discharge even SCC concrete with ease.  Low sidewalls and wide opening access covers (removed at right) make cleaning and maintenance easy and safe.

Shipping and installation is made easy by removable sections, as shown here.

In the planetary (or countercurrent) design, one to three mixing stars (depending on size) rotate individually while also rotating around a central point, allowing each arm to cover the whole mixer floor in a number of revolutions.  This powerful mixing action is both fast and thorough, resulting in a mixing time, after water is added, of 30 seconds or less for most types of concrete.  The result is more concrete per hour for the same size plant, as well as better consistency and greater strength or, on the other hand, a saving on cement that can pay for the mixer in a short time.  The planetary design is the best choice for dry precast concrete, coloured mixes and for smaller batches of SCC and wet-cast due to its intense, compulsory mixing action and complete cleanout.

Ocmix mixers are made in Italy by Ocmer Grandi Impianti. 

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Ocmer SF planetary concrete mixer gearbox
Ocmix SF's large horizontally arranged gearbox combines speed reduction and planetary action in one rugged, reliable unit, making service far easier than with double gearbox models.  The motor couples to the gearbox through a hydraulic clutch on 1 cu.m. and larger models, removing danger to the gears when shock loads are encountered and allowing repeated starting with a full load.  If the gearbox ever has to be removed, its wide circular mounting flange allows it to be lifted straight out.  Ocmix gearboxes are guaranteed for 5 years / 10,000 hours.

The 3-bladed mixing stars and scraper assemblies are fabricated rather than cast, for extra strength.  They are stronger than most and flex or even bend if they encounter an obstruction, rather than breaking, reducing the risk of a "train wreck".

Ocmix SF's body breaks down for shipping and also makes for easy erection.  The body separates at the discharge doors.  Up to four doors can be fitted;  each door is rubber sealed for full watertight operation and is hydraulically operated for precise, non-jamming operation.

Paddles are of certified HB600 ni-hard cast iron for long life.  Their scooped design allows all types of mix to be mixed thoroughly and discharged with ease.  Other paddle designs are available for special applications.

The Ocmix SF mixer's powerful countercurrent mixing action saves 10 to 20% on cement compared with pan and drum mixers.  The payback time can be as short as one year.  And the pan, being wider than most, mixes more thoroughly.

Ocmer SF planetary concrete mixer ni-hard paddles, discharge door
Ocmer SF planetary concrete mixer, optional skip hoist

The optional skip hoist bolts onto the mixer during installation, making erection quick and easy.  Ocmer skips use a double balanced rope system for safety.

An optional air bag collects dusty air displaced during discharge of aggregates into the mixer, allowing a small dust collector to maintain a dust-free environment inside the plant.

Water and admixture inlets are standard, making installation and startup fast and trouble free.



Cement and water scales can be integrated into the mixer cover, making installation fast, easy and risk-free as well as ensuring the fastest mixing cycles.  Cement scale is at left and water scale at right, behind the optional weighed admix containers.  Optional skip hoist can be seen behind the piggyback assembly.
All Ocmer plant accessories are heavy gauge hot galvanized steel and scales are fitted with commercially available butterfly valves for reliable discharge.  Solid performance, year after year.


The standard liner is 18 mm wear resistant Hardox 500 steel;  tough but not brittle, for floor plates and Hardox 400 for walls.  Other lining materials, including Hardox 600 and Chromium Carbide cladded steel, are available on special order.  Optional urethane covers on mixing arms greatly prolong their life.


Ocmer SF planetary concrete mixer piggyback scale hoppers

Ocmer SF planetary concrete mixer automatic lubrication and hydraulic unit


Discharge doors are hydraulically operated, giving powerful non-jamming action and precise positioning.  If power is lost, the manual actuator can be used to open the door.

For maintenance-free operation, the Ocmix SF planetary mixer has automatic lubrication of the main bearings, giving you peace of mind.


Full parts stock with same day shipment throughout North America.



The High Pressure Washout option includes two or three rotating jet assemblies that force powerful jets of water in every direction, cleaning every surface thoroughly.  A high-power manual gun is supplied for hand cleanup of the remaining difficult spots.


ConcreteMixers.Biz high pressure washout head LC200

Mixing cycle and mixer charging sequence:  we recommend charging the dry ingredients and pre-mixing before water is added.  This has been proven to improve coating of aggregates and give faster overall mixing cycle times.  More.

Ocmix SF is a top quality planetary mixer at a reasonable price.  Together with Ocmer's policy of first-class service, we can offer a better experience.  Contact us for the latest information.

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