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Company Background

Formed as a private corporation, specializing in automatic weighing systems and quickly entered the concrete industry.  The company has developed five generations of batch controllers, mostly used in automatic concrete production.  In addition, numerous custom weighing systems covering almost every industry.

Our mission statement below reflects our dedication to our customers and the industry as a whole. The company’s objective is “PQRS – Performance, Quality, Reliability and Service”.  Our engineers pay attention to the smallest details at every stage of your production process.  Whether it is in the way a plant would like to order concrete, electrical safety interlocks, special software variations or the way that wires are run in the control cabinet and plant. We discuss the whole picture with the customer and advise on the best way to combine equipment, sequence it and optimize it to obtain the highest possible performance, bar none.

A good automation or weighing system must operate at high speed, allow for all the variations of usage in the industry and be simple to operate. Above all, it must be able to handle minor breakdowns without having to revert to manual operation. Our controls and software, being fully integrated, go further than any other that we know of in this regard.


To advance the science of weighing and automatic concrete production through innovative products and excellence in service.
We believe in honesty, integrity and in solving technical problems with enthusiasm.


Scale-Tron is the only manufacturer to produce all the major components of an automatic concrete production control system.  Batching controls, aggregate moisture measurement, mixer water dosing, silo inventory and Ready-Mix Management software.

BatchTron III concrete batch weighing controls in use at Con Cast Pipe in Canada
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