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mixer washout
High Pressure Washout

Extra production, improved safety


Cleaning your mixer is a dangerous, difficult and dirty job, but not with Scale-Tron’s High Pressure Washout System. It’s the safe and cost effective way of cleaning your mixer while giving your team additional production time.


Now you can rely on a truly effective and automatic way of cleaning your mixer. The Italian made washout heads, together with the powerful pump, combine high pressure and high volume to force jets of water into every corner, blasting deposits off walls, arms and paddles. Coupled with Scale-Tron’s automatic control unit, the complete system is a very efficient, reliable and flexible solution to automatic washout for all mixers. One, two, three or four washout heads are positioned inside

the mixer to cover all surfaces. These self-powered heads require no electrical connections; they are powered by an internal turbine giving the torque needed to power through the day’s concrete buildup. The size of the jets is matched to the pump to guarantee full 1000 psi pressure, giving the tremendous force that is necessary to remove stubborn buildup. The manual hand-wash lance eliminates any traces

that remain after the automatic cleanout cycle as well as cleaning hoppers, chutes and exterior surfaces.

High pressure washout combo view
  • Washing heads have four powerful jets, giving a 360º pattern that washes upward as well as downward cleaning all surfaces.

  • Water reservoir is plastic; no rust, cracks, leakage or other life limitations common to steel tanks.

  • Reservoir capacity is 150 gallons; plenty of reserve for even the biggest jobs with this size of pump.

  •  Reservoir and pump are separate, allowing location in tight corners if required.

  •  High-power hand-wash lance and hose are included.

  • Compatible with all types of mixer except rotating drum type.

  • Water meter can be added to allow inter-batch washout water to be used and recorded in next batch of concrete.

  • Control system includes starter and safety disconnectswitch with mixer cover interlock input.

  • Designed in North America and UL/CUL certified.


Control Power: 110, 220VAC. Control voltage is supplied from an external source.


Pump units: Voltage 380, 480 or 575V. 50 or 60Hz, 3-phase. 15HP pump, 20 GPM at 1000 PSI


Reservoir: 150 gal, 30" x 56" H with high/refill/low sensors and solenoid filling valve.

Hand Wash Gun: High-power suitable for clean-up work, supplied with 20 ft hose.


2-way solenoid valve can redirect pressure to a second mixer.

High pressure washout controller cabinet
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