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concrete moisture controller
AquaControl 1540

Versatile Touch-Screen Moisture Controller with three choices of operation

Imagine your mixer with precise, touch-screen moisture control.  Better product as a result.

AquaControl 1540 touch-screen moisture measurement controller, together with the rugged and accurate AquaMix 2270D moisture sensor, gives you three different methods of concrete moisture measurement control.  This allows you to choose the best, most accurate control method for your plant and product.  You will see up to 30% improvement in speed, compared with older resistance-based methods.  The PLC software is the same as used in BatchTron; fast and reliable.


AquaControl 1540's screen shows the moisture of the mix graphically throughout the mixing cycle.  As a result, you can monitor each stage.  For the first time, your operator is able to see the concrete mixing process in action

  • Allows the operator to know when mixing is done and consequently to adjust the mixing parameters properly.

  • 8-inch touch screen is much bigger, clearer and easier to use than previous model.

concrete moisture control
The AquaControl screen showing the 3 filter stages as mixing proceeds, for perfect concrete moisture control
  • Mixer blade wear and adjustment can be clearly seen as ‘blips’ on the graph.  You have time, therefore, to plan a maintenance shutdown when it is necessary.

  • Uses fully industrialized PLC and touch screen components in a sealed wall mounting cabinet.  This eliminates problems created by fine dust in filtered outside air as a consequence.

  • AquaControl 1540 can emulate the other major name-brand moisture controllers.  This ensures full compatibility with your batch controller.

  • You can easily replace broken parts because all are standard off-the-shelf items at electrical distributors.

  • You can choose from three built-in software programs for concrete moisture control to suit your operation and budget:

  • MasterMix gives highest speed and greatest mixer output when the mixer is running batches back to back.

  • MicroMix is lower in cost because it does not require a water meter or scale.

  • Fast MicroMix  gives the same short mixing cycles as MasterMix.  Because it does not require calibration, it is easier to set up; see Mixing Cycles tab, at top.

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