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SiloWeigh IIoT

Silo Inventory Management and Control with Secure Cloud Access

SiloWeigh IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) runs on a Linux platform for added security and stability and connects with your silos using our range of sensors or load cells. Siloweigh IIoT’s cloud based secure server displays all your locations and silos making inventory control by a shared services or operational support centers efficient and accurate. Customizable visual warnings at Reorder and Low levels points. Optional Opto 22 relay cards to connect to your audible or visual warning systems provide an added level of security at the local level.

SiloWeigh IIoT gives reliable and accurate weights for materials in silos and is unaffected by material density or products that rathole or bridge against silo walls. SiloWeigh IIoT measures the actual weight of the vessel and contents to give a true picture of the amount on hand.

The accurate inventory system for silos, bins, tanks and storage vessels that you can install yourself
  • SiloWeigh IIoT runs on a Linux platform,  chosen for its security and stability.

  • SiloWeigh IIoT is self-contained with all the software pre-installed.

  • SiloWeigh IIoT has all the set up, calibration and filter tools built straight into the software, no more companion apps.

  • All systems come with remote desktop login software as standard, allowing support from our trained staff to be fast and efficient.

  • Configuration and calibration can be done from your regular PC, from the optional touchscreen or remotely by our trained staff.
    Use of our secure Cloud based server allows you to group all your locations together and view all your company’s metrics from any convenient location using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

  • Choose a panel mount touch screen when a local display is required. Different sizes of touchscreens are available depending on your needs.

  • SiloWeigh IIoT sensors are temperature compensated; they cancel the effects of the structure’s expansion with temperature, while measuring the compression due to load.  

  • Typical accuracy ±2% of full scale when all four legs are gauged. Skirted silos ±5% of full scale.

  • Use tank mount load cells for higher accuracy (0.1%).

  • Sensors, wiring and junction boxes meet NEMA-4, IP66.

  • Dust and splashproof industrial panel can be mounted in a convenient indoor location.

  • No moving parts for longevity and reliability.

  • Optional In-plant hard wired programmable alarms.

  • Software alarm log at plant and company level.

  • Email and SMS alerts.

  • Because digital transmission retains full accuracy and reduces wiring, you can run a single cable to all storage vessels.

  • Unlimited number of silos/vessels, groups and locations.

  • Designed for use on regular legged silos, along with divided and skirted silos.

  • Unlike other systems on the market, SiloWeigh IIoT has no annual subscription fee for its Cloud based database.

Screenshot 2022-03-11 130857.png
Screenshot 2022-03-11 130449.png

Silo Capacity and stress:

All silo capacities can be measured. The limitation is the stress in the support structure. Acceptable stress is in the range 1500 to 15,000 lb per square inch.

Material type:

All types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Number of sensors/vessels: 

Up to 50 sensors or 32 vessels can be powered from each SiloWeigh IIoT cabinet. 

Overall system accuracy: 

Typically ±2% of full scale value for legged silos and ±5% for skirted silos.

Connection method: 

Hard wired or radio links between silos and SiloWeigh IIoT cabinet, Ethernet from cabinet to network.

Set point relays: 

8 to 24 Opto-22 relays settable to any value, close on rising or falling values. 2 inputs are Alarm Cancel and Master Cancel, other inputs available to create custom message. 


110-250V AC, 50 W max or 24VDC.

Temperature range: 

Sensors: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +160°F). Display: 0-60°C (32-140°F). 


64 bit quad-core, 8 GB RAM, software pre-loaded and configured. NEMA-4 enclosure.


Ethernet to local network and/or direct to Cloud. 


Programmable Email and SMS for chosen alarms.

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