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batch controller



Ultra high speed batching designed for Precast/Products and Ready Mix plants.

BatchTron uses a PLC & touchscreen plant interface with PC based Windows software, giving you unsurpassed reliability and batching accuracy. BatchTron can be custom designed to work on the most complicated of plants, linking multiple processes together. We can supply motor control centers, material handling controls, main batching controls and concrete distribution controls. These can be independent systems, or all tied together using remote I/O for a seamless operation.


Scale-Tron has over 40 years continuous experience in batching systems. Our concrete batching and custom weighing systems are in use across North America. Our knowledge of concrete production, plants, scales, mechanical and electrical engineering allow us to go much further than just supplying batching controls. We will offer our insights and advice at each step, to ensure success in your project. Scale-Tron’s aim is to be your partner in getting the best out of your plant. Less worry and better results for you.


Precast & Product Plants

Scale-Tron works with you the customer, to plan a method for ordering your concrete and delivering it where you want it. Due to its modular design BatchTron's can handle the most complicated of plants, un-limited number of scales, conveyors, holding hoppers and mixers. Add MobileControl to your operation to control the whole operation wirelessly from a ruggedized tablet.


Ready Mix Plants

Scale-Tron works with you the customer to optimize your operation for the fastest production possible. This includes PlantControl which allows you to batch directly from a PC. Our BatchLink suite of order entry tools allow you to input and maintain inventory, create and modify mix designs, adjust & control parameters, print batch tickets, create and monitor maintenance logs, schedule deliveries, assign drivers and trucks to jobs, print delivery tickets, create custom reports & export information to most accounting software.

batch controller framework
batching controller framework
  • Fully adaptable to any type of concrete production process and batch plant type. § Automatic self-tuning eliminates batch weight errors and wasted production time.

  • Different sizes of screens are available depending on your needs.

  • Need assistance from our trained staff, no problem because all our systems come pre-loaded with remote desktop access software at no charge.

  • Programmable alarms for plant functions such as conveyors and mixer not running, gates and doors sticking.

  • The digital scale displays are all on the screen, making it even more reliable by eliminating external weight indicators.

  • Designed in North America and UL/CUL certified.

  • Wireless Mobile Control software with tablet

  • BatchTron MCC combo, have your batching system built directly into your motor control center

  • AquaSense moisture probe for sand bins

  • AquaMix moisture probe for your mixer

  • Moisture meter interfaces for all other brands

  • Mixer Amp meter

  • Demand Stations

Startup & Training

We offer a full turnkey installation service using our own engineers and Scale-Tron's network of trained dealers. This ensures your installation has been completed correctly, all parameters, including mixing sequence, conveyor run times, mixer discharge rate etc. have been checked and relevant personnel are trained in regular operation and maintenance.

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