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Scale-Tron offers a range of batching control systems designed to meet the needs of our customers.

BatchTron’s are a step ahead of other batch plant automation control systems because they use PLCs and touch screens, making them fully user configurable and ultra-reliable.

BatchTron I batch controller has all the features that make its bigger brother so powerful and easy to use, while being aggressively priced. Designed for small readymix and precast operations with 2 scales, 4 aggregates, 3 cements, 1 water and 6 admixtures. Add the companion Batchlink software to allow you to enter mix designs, queue loads, print tickets and send information to your accounting software.

BatchTron II batch controllers are tailored to your operation, our modular systems allow you to expand to accommodate additional scales, bins, silos, even a 2nd or 3rd mixer. The BatchTron II batch control system reacts to batch calls from mud hopper sensors, demand stations, the dispatching system or using our Mobile Control software on a tablet. 

batch controller framework
batching controller framework

Designed for ultra high speed ready mix plants and precast plants. BatchTron II can control an infinite number of scales, materials and mixers. With its modular design making it competitively priced. Unlike our competition your paying for what you need to run your plant.

Add the companion Batchlink software to allow you to enter mix designs, queue loads, print tickets and send information to your accounting software.

All versions of BatchTron have IIoT compatibility. 

  • Eliminate batch weight errors and wasted product with automatic self-tuning that keeps your plant at peak trim all the time.

  • Works with AquaSense moisture sensors to correct your sand and water weights, giving perfect slump or moisture every time.

  • Programmable alarms for plant functions such as conveyors and mixer not running, gates and doors sticking.

  • No extra cost scale indicators either. The scale displays are all on the touch screen, making it even more reliable, and they’re all digital.  Therefore no error between external weight indicators and the control system.

  • No fans, consequently no inlet for fine dust.  Even the best filters let in the finest dust, which gets into the connectors and stalls the system.  We know the problem.  We don’t let it happen.

  • Pre-programmed to fit many plants. Whether yours is a dry plant, premix plant with mixer, has an aggregate holding hopper over the mixer or just a belt feed, you can select all these from the menus.  The number of aggregates, cements, waters and admixtures determine the expansion required and the cost.  Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

  • Upgrade your batch controller at any time. You just add an expansion unit, giving you instant upgrade to more ingredients and more features if you need them at any time.

  • STI (Service and Training by Internet), need assistance we are just a click or phone call away.

Tailored to your operation

Do you have an automated batching control system with a full time operator who runs it day in, day out?  Many do, you could save money by setting things up differently.  At Scale-Tron, the first thing we want to know is how you run your operation, and why. This allows us to plan a method for ordering your concrete the way you want it. Delivering it to where you want it, when you want it.  For example, fork lift operators ordering material through Mobile Control. 

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