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weight transmitters
Weight Transmitters

The model l2000 digital weight transmitter is designed to provide accurate weight Bridge measurements and batching in industrial applications. It has an optimized high- Speed algorithm for fast weight calculations during fast feed processes. Capable of Handling up to eight 350-ohm load cells it controls the fill process to ensure reliable Filling without communication lag. its built-in high-speed filter allows the unit to work In high vibration environments while still processing the input signal accurately. The unit can operate as a stand-alone batching unit with automatic pre-act (flight
Value) and jogging along with self tuning eliminating the need of extra complex Software in the external pc or plc.
It has all the software built in for a high accuracy weight scale and can communicate Using rtu-modbus and ascii protocol.
The unit can operate in primary or secondary mode. When in primary mode, it can Transparently send the conversion data into a plc without any plc side intervention, Reducing the software overhead. A simple protocol can then be established to send a
Command to the unit by simply writing into a register in the plc in a previously Selectable memory address, and the transmitter will obey to the command. When working in secondary mode, the unit simply responds to any request either Modbus or ascii. The unit can be directly interfaced with an hmi for a full-blown low cost scale and can Also be interfaced with any plc avoiding high cost load cell/bridge amplifiers.


• DIN rail mount
• Input voltage: 10-24VDC
• Set point: open collector, 100mA, resistive or inductive load
• Load cell excitation: 5VDC
• Analog input voltage range: +/- 2.5 volts
• Up to 8, 350-ohm load cells
• Analog resolution: 16,677,216 internal counts
• 40 conversions per second
• Accuracy: 0.0005%
• Operating temperature: -30 C to +85C
• Humidity: 5-95% noncondensing
• Current output: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, user selectable
• Current input: 0-5 volts, 0-10 volts and 0-20 mA.
• Programmable input gain
• Programmable fast response filter
• Programmable digital filter
• Programmable bypass filter
• Motion band
• Motion delay
• Automatic zero tracking
• Zero band indication
• Communication: RS485 and Ethernet
• Protocols: RTU-MODBUS, ASCII
• Can operate as a primary or secondary unit

• USB programmable using a Windows based PC or through any of the protocols

The model 1417 transmitter is a state-of-the-art signal conditioning unit for load cells and all strain-gauge-based transducers, providing voltage or current outputs suitable for PLCs, computers, and remote display devices.
Its high performance is guaranteed, over a wide temperature range. Its small size and choice of mounting methods make it suitable for both field and control cabinet installation. Operating from a wide-range DC supply,
power can be taken from the auxiliary output of most PLCs and computers; there is no need to run AC power to field positions. The 1417 includes a high-stability excitation supply with a capacity of four 350ohm load cells, a unique zero-drift amplifier, and an integrated 4-20mA current generator. The programmable gain and dead load offset
adjustments combine jumpers, a 16-position switch, and fine-trim pots to ensure long-term stability under worst-case temperature and vibration conditions.

  • Excitation: 10V DC, 240mA max (8-350 ohm or 16-700ohm load cells). Overload protected.

  • Signal range: 0.15 mV/V min to 4.0 mV/V max in 5 steps, plus fine trim.

  • Dead load offset: -0.03 to +3.3 mV/V in 5 steps, plus fine trim.

  • Signal stability: Max drift +0.05uV/ºC at 0.2mV/V sensitivity (equals +0.05% worst case error). Note: this applies withthe OFFSET pot at either extreme of travel; temperature drift when pot is used for adjustment is affected by the ratiodrift of the pot, which degrades the above specification slightly.

  • Damping filter: Adjustable risetime 0.05 to 2 sec, single pole.

  • Output: 4-20 mA, 0-16 mA, 0-5 volt or 0-10volt full scale.

  • Load impedance: 600 ohm max in 4-20mA mode.

  • Source impedance: 315ohm (0-5v mode), 630ohm (0-10v mode)

  • Overall accuracy: +0.01% of full scale at 25 ºC.

  • +0.1% of full-scale worst-case error over +20 ºC temperature range.

  • Power: 15-26V DC, at a current of (excitation current + 30) mA, 270 mA max.

  • Size: Board only - 87.5mm x 72mm (3.45" x 2.83")

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