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platform scales

Low cost, high accuracy, fully overload-protected

The Mini-Mount allows direct mounting of a weigh platform or platter etc. for low profile, high-accuracy platform scales. Four Mini-Mounts are located at the corners of a weigh platform that can be any size and shape. Different capacities allow a single set of components to be used in scale platforms of several sizes and capacities with low production cost in high volume. We can design load cell mounts to fit your application.  Contact us now!   Check our other scale components and platform scales here. Read our article on Applying Mini-Mounts.

Mini-Mounts allow platform scales to be built in many sizes and capacities
Product Features

The Mini-Mount has overload protection built in and can be used with confidence in platform scales where dropped items and other abuse is present.

  • Capacity – current range 20 to 50 kg per mount.  Other capacities available by special order.

  • Fully overload protected.

  • Higher accuracy than single point load cell-based scale platforms.

  • Very low-cost in quantity.

  • High stiffness gives very fast response.

  • Just 2” high, allowing low profile platform construction.

  • IP65 protection against liquids.

  • Fully RoHS and CE compliant.

  • 1000 ohm impedance reduces electrical load and self-heating.  Due to this, warm-up drift is negligible.

  • Allows wide range of platform sizes.

  • Different platter mounting methods available to allow you to use secured or drop-on platters.

  • Accurately matched output allows total interchangeability and replacement without calibration.

  • High accuracy, high resolution platform scales.

  • Conveyor scales.

  • Packaging systems.

  • Checkweighers.

  • Small tank and vessel weighing.

  • Shipping systems.

  • High-accuracy personal and animal scales.


Mini-Mount design Copyright © Scale-Tron Inc. 2016

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