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Weight Transmitters

Weight Transmitters for Scales

The latest weight transmitter uses USB for power and data, with extremely low noise, jitter of 1 in 100,000 and an advanced filter for fast response. Scale-Tron manufactures a range of weight transmitters for use in automation, batching systems and commercial scales.

USB weight transmitter with Auto-Cal

With both power and data direct from the PC computer’s USB port, the 1945 weight transmitter allows PC applications to access weight or force readings from any load cell assembly with high precision and settling speed.  The 1945 USB transmitter has 24 bit resolution and typical noise/jitter of better than 1 part in 100,000 at settling times of ½ second or less.  PC software handles setup and calibration.  The 1945 USB transmitter can replace the 1932 RS232 transmitter in all new scale projects. We can design load cell mounts to fit your application.

1945 weight transmitter is USB connected

A detailed application manual gives information to interface the transmitter with software for the user's main application.  Furthermore, engineering and interfacing software assistance is available on request 

  • Very low noise, very fast settling, high stability.

  • Customize your own base and platter to your unique design.

  • Use our Mini-Mounts or Scale-Bars.  Just add your platter.

  • High volume production gives you the lowest price, especially for large quantities.

  • Delivery from stock.

  • Fully RoHS and CE compliant.

  • Native USB driver or choice of optional VCP (virtual serial port) operation, where USB connection simulates a serial RS232 port, to match existing serial software.

  • Backward compatible with older models when using VCP version.

weight transmitter scale monitor
The Auto-Cal advantage

Auto Cal is a shunt-calibration system that, when used with suitable Auto Cal load cells can eliminate test weights after the initial calibration.  Shunt calibration is a method of using a resistance in parallel with one arm of the load cell bridge to simulate a known load.  Once the scale is calibrated, the resistance is switched in and the reading recorded, for use in subsequent accuracy checks and recalibration.  When load cells are manufactured to tight tolerances they can be interchanged without need for recalibration, contributing further to the Auto Cal system as a result.  Auto-Cal is optional on the 1945.

Weight Transmitter 1945 Specification

Load cell excitation:

4.5 volts, up to four 350 ohm load cells (Scale-Bars) or ten 1000 ohm load cells (Mini-Mounts)

Load cell signal:  

0.2 - 4.0 mV/V full scale 


all scales listed in main menu 


15,000 displayed counts with less than 1/10 count RMS jitter 

Reading speed:  

20 readings per second max (polled). Up to 50 per second and streaming data available on special order 


Advanced 3-stage adjustable digital filter - extremely fast settling with good noise rejection 


USB "B" type connector, female, and 4-pin lockable Molex Micro-Fit connectors for both power and data 

Load cell inputs:  

Four 8-pin lockable Molex Micro-Fit connectors 


5V DC +/- 0.25V from USB connection or external to 4-pin Micro-Fit connector 


Steel case 5.5" x 2" x 1" or bare board. Same case mounting holes as for 1932 but half the size 

Optional shunt calibration:  

Switchable shunt resistor creates reading to confirm calibration at power-up 

Optional Virtual Serial Port (VCP):  

Allows the USB connection to appear as a serial RS232 port when using Windows