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Scale-Tron’s SiloWeigh IIoT, your go to source when you need to know how much material you have in your silos.

SiloWeigh IIoT’s inventory management system provides inventory insights at your fingertips, allowing you to reconcile inventory quickly and efficiently keeping your business on the right track. Our user-friendly dashboard connects locally with optional no-charge remote access enabling on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud. Raw materials are an expensive commodity and so is the cost of running out of material or returning it because of discrepancies in your inventory, which negatively impacts profitability. This is where Scale-Tron’s SiloWeigh IIoT can help, by proactively tracking your inventory to prevent such costs.

Our systems can be found throughout the cement, powder, plastics and food industries, in virtually every type of silos.

How Scale-Tron’s SiloWeigh IIoT benefits your operations:
  • User friendly dashboard allows for easy and accurate inventory monitoring of multiple locations and silos.

  • Improve visibility of inventory for your team; always know your inventory anytime, anywhere giving you total visibility, consumption rates, and other operational information locally or on the go.

  • Automated alerts keep you informed via 4 customer configurable visual alarms.

  • Optimize your scheduling by allowing you to know how many truckloads of material will fit in your silo for better fleet management.

  • All the applications are embedded in the system making setup and configuration a seamless process.

  • Need assistance from our trained staff, no problem because all our systems come pre-loaded with remote desktop access software at no charge.

  • SiloWeigh IIoT runs on a Linux platform,  chosen for its security and stability.

  • Our software provides a secure platform to view both real-time and historical trends.

  • Local panel mount display screens are available if a network connection is not an option.

  • Uses advanced temperature correction filters to provide stable and accurate readings whatever the weather.

  • Eliminate the need for climbing silos to measure levels.

  • Built tough to withstand the most rugged applications.

  • Use tank mount load cells for higher accuracy.

  • Compatible with any existing level sensors that have a 4-20mA analog output.

  • No moving parts for longevity and reliability.

  • Designed for use on regular legged silos, along with divided and skirted silos.

  • Unlike other systems on the market, SiloWeigh IIoT has no annual subscription fee for its encrypted Cloud database.

  • Designed and manufactured in North America with parts available from stock.

  • CE, UL and CUL 

Screenshot 2022-03-11 130857.png
Screenshot 2022-03-11 130449.png
  • All silo capacities can be measured. The limitation is the stress in the support structure. Acceptable stress is in the range 1500 to 15,000 lb per square inch.

  • All types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Up to 50 sensors or 32 vessels can be powered from each SiloWeigh IIoT cabinet. 

  • Typically ±2% of full scale value for legged silos and ±5% for skirted silos.

  • Hard wired or radio links between silos and SiloWeigh IIoT cabinet, Ethernet from cabinet to network.

  • Optional Analog and or digital input / output modules are available to connect to your audible or visual alarms.

  • 110-250V AC, 50 W max or 24VDC.

  • Sensors: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +160°F). Display: 0-60°C (32-140°F). 

  • 64 bit quad-core, 8 GB RAM, software pre-loaded and configured. NEMA-4 enclosure.

  • Ethernet to local network and/or direct to Cloud. 

  • Programmable Email and SMS for chosen alarms.

Why weight measurement is better.

Level measurements drop due to compaction, however weight-based inventory measurement provides a consistent reading of what is actually in the vessel, regardless of material build up or distribution. Vessel conditions, like rat holes, cascading or bridging, do not affect the measurement. Unlike level measurement, our sensors have no contact with the material as they are bolted to the vessel’s legs or skirt.

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