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AquaSense 2280D Installation, Calibration, Operation

AquaSense 2280D was designed for use in concrete production applications. It gives you constant yield, colour/texture, workability, strength and durability

  • Empty bin detection holds the reading when material falls below the sensor, to avoid spoiled batches.

  • Bin Empty plus two programmable digital alarm outputs give warning of moisture outside limits.

  • Stainless steel body and thick ceramic faceplate give long, wear free life.

  • Easy to mount; no need for accurate positioning. Mounting accessories included in kit.

  • Internal software with Dynamic Calibration allows you to use older readings or discard them. Hence, accuracy is better.

  • Sensor stores all calibration results internally. In consequence, it makes each sensor independent of external software.

  • Windows Graphic User Interface makes setup and calibration fast and easy.

  • Industry standard digital interface is compatible with all control systems.

  • Call us about a trial in your plant; we can arrange it. After your payment is received, we ship your sensor. If you want to return it up to 30 days later, you can do so for full refund.


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