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Asphalt Moisture Measurement

Asphalt Moisture Measurement

Know the Moisture of your aggregates and RAP, (Reclaimed asphalt pavement) adjust your plant accordingly.

Mount the SONO-VARIO Xtrem Probe in a Skid Plate, at the end of a feeder belt.

SONO-VARIO probes are designed specifically for online aggregate moisture measurement.

Achieve high accuracy, with long term reliability by using TRIME® TDR technology, for the performance and quality you demand. Continuously measure the total moisture of all your aggregates and RAP.

Highly accurate and repeatable moisture values (+/- 0.1%).

Install the SONO-VARIO Xtrem Probe at the end of a feeder or metering belt.

Display the moisture values and/or interface to the control system.

Simple commissioning: pre-installed linear calibrations, one-point adjustment.

No periodic calibration required.


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