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Unlock Real-Time Silo Weight Data and Optimize Your Operations with
SiloWeigh IIoT

Streamline Your Inventory Management

Our systems can be found throughout the cement, powder, plastics and food industries, in virtually every type of silos.

SiloWeigh IIoT is the cutting-edge solution for inventory management in the industrial sector. With our innovative technology, you can access real-time silo weight data and make informed decisions to optimize your operations. Our easy-to-use platform saves you time and money by providing you accurate inventory weights and helps optimize management processes.

"Since installing the Scale-Tron system, our ability to remote access gives us opportunities to increase the optimization of our supply chain strategies while supporting the ability for contingency planning in the ever-changing dynamic demands and allows us to elevate our inventory cost controls by minimizing potential variances."

- Lafarge Canada


✔ Real-time silo weight data accessible from any device

✔ Customizable alerts and notifications

✔ Predictive analytics to forecast inventory levels and optimize production processes

✔ Easy-to-use dashboard with intuitive navigation and insights.

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