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Announcing Siloweigh IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Silo Inventory Control System

Scale-Tron is excited to introduce their latest Silo Inventory control system “SiloWeigh IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)”. Released after extensive Beta testing, the new system runs on a Linux platform which was chosen for its security and stability. SiloWeigh IIoT has all the utilities built directly into the software, eliminating the need for companion apps. Designed for use

Silo Inventory Control System

on up to 32 silos per location, with metrics being stored locally on your network and/or being pushed to our Cloud based secure server. Use of our secure Cloud based server allows you to group all your locations together and view all your company’s metrics from any convenient location using a PC, smartphone or tablet, making inventory control by shared services or operational support centers efficient and accurate. Unlike other systems on the market, SiloWeigh IIoT has no annual subscription fee for access to its secure Cloud based server.

Why not contact us to discuss your potential application.


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